Company introduction

Parsian Financial Group 
Parsian Financial Group is registered as a private limited company under number 453923 dated 2014/05/10 and on 2019/05/31 in the list of companies registered with the Securities and Exchange Organization under number 11683 as a holding company ) has been included. The capital of the company is currently 10,000 billion Rials. 
The subject of the activity
The main subject of the company’s activity based on the provisions of the articles of association includes the creation, investment or participation in the establishment of any kind of commercial companies and the purchase and sale of shares of manufacturing, commercial and service companies. An important part of the assets of Parsian Financial Group is invested in the shares of subsidiaries (subsidiary and affiliated) in which the financial group has considerable influence and control.
1- Vision statement 
We want to excel by creating synergies between businesses and providing integrated financial services.
2- Mission statement
Our mission at Parsian Financial Group is:
  • Creating sustainable value for stakeholders
  • Innovation in business models  
  •   Development of intellectual capital 
  •  Strategic leadership in identifying and exploiting opportunities to complete the service value chain 
3- Values
  •  Professionalism:
    •   Highly knowledgeable staff with a long-term perspective and skills to help clients solve financial problems
  • Reliability:
    •  Provide reliable services
  • Cooperation and team participation:
    • Providing decisions and solutions in a team and collaborative manner
  • Integrity:
    • Providing services in a coherent and unified manner