Lotus Gold Fund is the most complete capital market tool

"Gold" option trading from tomorrow in commodity exchange

Launching derivative instruments, including futures contracts and trading options in large investment funds in the financial markets of the world, is considered a risk hedging measure and provides investors with the option and possibility of more professional transactions.

According to the public relations report of Lotus Parsian Capital Funding Company, Lotus Gold Support Fund Also, as the country’s largest gold fund, after launching futures contracts and future options, it has now provided its investors with option trading tools, and in this way, the Lotus Gold Fund is currently the most complete investment tool in gold and the most complete investment tool in general. It is the country’s capital market.

According to the public relations of Lotus Parsian Funding, from Monday, January 15, 2024, the option contract of gold fund units with the possibility of using the coverdcal strategy will be tradable in the Iran Commodity Exchange.

“Gold” option contract with the maturity of May 2024 is traded in the symbol TLMMYYCK for the call option and the symbol TLMMYYPK for the sell option, and as described in these symbols, K represents the strike price, MM is the abbreviation of the month of the contract, and YY is the year of the contract. Also, C represents the call option and P represents the sell option. The details of the symbols of this contract as well as other investment conditions are included in the announcement of the Iran Commodity Exchange, which you can read here.

For “gold” option trading, if the investor has previously engaged in other derivative transactions in the Iran Commodity Exchange and his transaction code is active, he will be able to operate in gold fund contracts with the same transaction code, otherwise, a transaction code must be obtained.

Lotus Gold Backing Fund is the first, largest and most liquid gold fund in the country’s capital market and currently has over 83 thousand billion Rials of assets under management, which are in the form of more than 388 million investment units with investors. Gold Fund has been able to provide the most complete investment tools to its investors since the beginning of its activity (2016).